Miss Susan - Balloon Twister

Fabulous Balloon Animals - Wacky Balloon Hats


Please select the deposit amount for your party package.  If you wish to pay the entire amount now, select your package price from the drop-down menus below.  Deposit amounts are as follows:
Package total $199.00 or less - $50.00 deposit.
Package total $200.00 to $299.00 - $75.00 deposit.
Package total $300.00 and above - $100.00 deposit.
 You'll receive a receipt at the end of your transaction and
I'll receive a notification that your payment was made.  If you're
making your payment with another person's card, please make
sure I have that information so I can credit your account.  Thanks!
 You may also pay the entire amount if that's more convenient.
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